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Welcome to our Hearing Clinic in Edmonton

At the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta located in Edmonton, our mission is to provide excellence in the delivery of hearing healthcare in order to improve your hearing and your quality of life.

Our hearing specialists are committed to help you find the right hearing solution and recommend the best hearing aids for you. We offer in-depth hearing testing and complete hearing aid evaluations performed by our registered audiologists.

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Get Help with Your Hearing from an Audiologist in Edmonton

Many people face hearing loss from hearing damage, age, and illness. But sound is a simple pleasure of life worth preserving. If you suffer from hearing loss, it is still possible to slow or prevent further hearing damage. Find the help you need at the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta.

Diagnose Your Hearing Loss

As a hearing clinic in Edmonton, ACNA Hearing dedicates itself to helping patients find the hearing treatments they need. We offer in-depth hearing testing and hearing aid evaluations for our patients. Our audiologists will diagnose the cause of your hearing loss and help you understand what that means for you.

Adapt to Hearing Loss

We offer a variety of treatments to prevent hearing loss and treat any associated problems. We fit patients with hearing aids to help them hear clearly again. We also provide products to treat tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. If you have trouble living with hearing loss, we provide therapy and training to help deal with hearing loss symptoms.

Those with advanced hearing loss might have trouble with their daily routines. We are happy to supply these patients with products that can help them hear their TVs, phones, smoke detectors, and alarms.

Prevent Hearing Loss

We also offer help for those at risk of hearing loss. We provide special earplugs for musicians, swimmers, and others who could be at a higher risk of hearing damage.

Hearing loss doesn't have to impair your life. At the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta, we can help patients adjust to life with hearing loss. Call 780.433.4441 today to set up an appointment.