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Robert R., Edmonton

ACNA.Robert R., Edmonton

Robert R., Edmonton

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief personal testimonial regarding my very positive experience with the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta in general and specifically with my audiologist there, Larena Lewchuk, M.Cl. Sc., R.Aud. You can see pictures of Larena and her colleagues on their website which provides full details on all personnel and the operations of the clinic.


When I met Larena in 2011, I was a frustrated man having failed to receive either good diagnosis or treatment from the two previous “hearing aid practitioners” I had retained to help me with my hearing loss and tinnitus problems. As a result, the hearing aids I had been given at that time were totally inadequate and unsuitable for my needs. As well, I had experienced major problems in obtaining an appropriate level of help the from Department of Veteran’s Affairs due to the shortcomings in the reports submitted by these practitioners to them.


It slowly dawned on me that these kinds of practitioners possessed both limited academic qualifications and limited knowledge and while they were licensed to sell hearing aids, they were not accredited audiologists!


The first of them had told me that hearing aids with tinnitus masking devices did not exist. The second, who claimed some knowledge in this area, provided me with crude devices which not only failed to mask my tinnitus but hurt my ears so much that I could not wear them.


My search for someone with proper academic credentials led me to the ACNA and Larena who has a Masters degree in Audiology from the University of Western Ontario and is currently working on her Clinical Doctorate.



Larena completed in-depth assessments of my hearing loss and tinnitus problems and submitted her detailed findings and recommendations to DVA. This quickly led to my receiving state of the art hearing aids equipped with very sophisticated tinnitus masking devices which can be adjusted to meet different circumstances in changing environments.


I then became enrolled in the ACNA’s Tinnitus Management Program which I can say, without exaggeration, was a life changing experience for me. Without going into too much detail here, suffice to say that Larena taught me some simple but effective techniques to manage my tinnitus. As well, in addition to the new hearing aids, she provided me with a bedside tinnitus masking device which I turn on each night just before going to sleep.


As a result of everything Larena taught me and by using the devices I obtained from her, I finally found relief from the roaring noise in my ears which had nearly driven me crazy for many years. As well, now I could sleep the night through and awake refreshed and better able to cope with the problems and challenges of the day.


Also note that her effective advocacy of my case with DVA led to my finally receiving the correct levels of disability pension and appropriate support for my hearing loss and tinnitus problems which I should have been receiving years. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me!


I could go on and on, but my advice to anyone experiencing similar problems is to contact the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta and receive the level of diagnosis and treatment that you deserve. Do not waste your time and money on under qualified practitioners who are primarily in the business of selling hearing aids and are not highly trained professional audiologists such as  Larena and her colleagues.                      Robert R., June 11, 2014