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Janet J., Edmonton

ACNA.Janet J., Edmonton

Janet J., Edmonton

I procrastinated seeing an audiologist even though my Dr. advised me to do so. I always felt there was a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids. At the same time, it was getting very embarrassing asking people to repeat themselves and still not hear what they were saying. I quit going to the movies, because I missed a lot of the dialogue.

When I went to the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta, the staffs instantly made me feel comfortable. They were sensitive and compassionate, all the while, taking time to help me understand hearing loss and gain the confidence I needed to wear hearing aids. They fit me with hearing aids that best suited me and my hearing loss.

When I left the clinic after getting my hearing aids, I picked up my best friend to go do some errands. For the first time in years, I could hear what she was saying without asking her to repeat herself. It was so remarkable, we both got tears in our eyes. Now I get involved in conversations with comfort and ease. I enjoy going to movies again.

When I listen to music I’m familiar with, I feel like I’m hearing it for the first time. Being able to hear again has opened up a whole new world for me. I no longer feel shut out. I can say with full confidence and without hesitation, I would refer my family and friends to the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta. I highly encourage anyone who is experiencing hearing loss to go to the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta.