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Jacob K., Ft. McMurray

ACNA.Jacob K., Ft. McMurray

Jacob K., Ft. McMurray

I had worn hearing aids for a long time and the old ones needed replacing. I went to the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta and saw Natalie.

She was very professional with the hearing tests and her advice was unbiased and professional. She never made me feel like I was rushed, or that she was pushing any particular product. Natalie just told me what was available and explained what the pros and cons of each were for my particular problem and lifestyle. She explained the operation and cleaning in detail, and never made me feel like she was in a hurry to get it done.

I ended up with hearing aids that are a pure pleasure to wear (unlike the previous ones). The follow up service has also been very good and friendly.

I will not even think about visiting any other audiologist in the future.