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Summer Blockbusters and Closed Captioning at Cineplex Theaters

ACNA.Summer Blockbusters and Closed Captioning at Cineplex Theaters

Summer Blockbusters and Closed Captioning at Cineplex Theaters

When the weather is hot and sunny, it’s great to be outside in the summer and there are always things to do in Edmonton. However, on those rainy days, if you are looking for something entertaining to do, there are always a few summer blockbusters playing at your local movie theater. This summer, Hollywood continues to bank on remakes of the classics. A couple of weeks ago, Jurassic World, the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park Series premiered, and on July 1st, the reboot of the Terminator series, Terminator Genisys, will be released.

If you love to go the theater but find the dialogue difficult to hear, the Cineplex theaters have a closed captioning system that is available with many movies. The system is called CaptiView™and if the theater has the system, you can pick it up at the information desk. You will receive a device that has a small screen that is attached to a flexible support arm.  On the other end of the support arm there is a piece that slots into your cup holder.


Once the device is slotted into your cup holder, you bend the arm around so that the screen is positioned in a way that you can easily read the captions. The screen has a privacy visor so that it will not be distracting for other movie-goers. The CaptiView™ device transmits and receives AES-128 encrypted captions wirelessly up to a distance of 80 meters, which means that seating is not restricted for people who would like to use this device.



Here is a list of the Cineplex theaters that have the CaptiView™ system available to use:

Cinema City Movies 12 – 5074 130 Avenue, Edmonton

Cineplex Cinemas Manning Town Centre – 15531 37 Street, NW, Edmonton

Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton – 14237 137Avenue, Edmonton

Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton – 1524 99th Street NW, Edmonton

Galaxy Cinemas Sherwood Park – 2020 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park

Scotia Bank Theater Edmonton – #3030, 8882-170 Street, Edmonton

When you purchase your ticket, if the movie has closed captions as an option, you will see a “CC” designation beside the show time. It is the studio that produces the movie that provides the closed captions. Therefore, if closed captions are not available, it is the studio that has not been able to provide the closed captions, not the movie theater.

While the system seems to be a good solution for issues of accessibility in movie theaters, there have been some negative reviews about the devices. Mainly, the devices are not ideal because in order to read the captions and watch the screen, a person using CaptiView™ must constantly look up and down and refocus their eyes. This may be tiring and difficult for many patrons, and might be impossible for some patrons who have issues with visibility.

Next time, you are heading to the movies, borrow this device and try it out. We would love to hear what you think of the device!

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