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  • diagnostic hearing assessments for adults and children
  • hearing aid fittings for adults and children
  • hearing screenings for industry and monitoring purposes
  • abnormal audiogram reviews ( for OHS compliance)
  • tinnitus evalutions
  • tinnitus retraining therapy
  • LACE auditory training
  • hearing aid programming and repairs
  • wax removal
  • custom earmolds
  • swim plugs, musician plugs and noise plugs
  • assistive listening devices for TV, meetings, classrooms etc.
  • hearing aid batteries

Protect Your Ears with Hearing Services and a Hearing Test in Edmonton

It’s possible for people of any age or situation to experience hearing loss. Luckily, we provide access to a number of tests and treatments that can help preserve your hearing. Our registered audiologists at the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta provides a number of services for those with hearing loss or at risk of hearing damage. Our services include pediatric and adult hearing tests, cerumen removal, dispensing and programming of hearing aids, tinnitus evaluations and custom ear plugs in Edmonton.

Get Your Hearing Tested

At the Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta, we can make plans for treatment when you receive a hearing test. Our Edmonton clinic offers testing for both families and companies. Industry workers can use our testing to screen and monitor their employees to protect them from potential hearing damage. We also give screenings and abnormal audiogram reviews that comply with OHS regulations.

Fight Hearing Loss

When you have hearing loss, you may feel like you are losing independence. We provide hearing aids to help you reclaim your hearing. We also offer assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones and alarm clocks to increase your independence at home.

Preserve Your Hearing with Ear Protection

Musicians, and many noise exposed workers have high risk of hearing loss. We offer a number of products to help reduce that risk, including: noise plugs for heavy industries, and musician ear plugs. The Edmonton clinic also provides custom ear molds designed to perfectly match your ear canal. These products cancel interfering background noises while enhancing important sounds like voices and music.

Don’t let the threat of hearing loss weigh you down. You can use several methods to mitigate and prevent hearing loss in your life. Take advantage of the services we offer to live a life full of sound. Call 780.433.4441 to schedule your hearing appointment today.