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Aural Rehabilitation Classes at ACNA

ACNA.Aural Rehabilitation Classes at ACNA

Aural Rehabilitation Classes at ACNA


Do you view your hearing loss as an acute or chronic condition?

Acute health conditions are often:

  • Temporary
  • Have a rapid and sudden onset
  • Treatable using medical technology (medications, surgery, therapy etc.)

Chronic health conditions are often:

  • Persistent, lasting at least three months, and often a lifetime
  • Cannot be resolved completely using medical technology
  • Living with a chronic condition requires effective management in order to maintain overall quality of life

Regarding hearing loss, the prevalent attitude of the public is to consider hearing loss to be acute in nature. While some types of hearing loss fall into this category, the majority of hearing losses are sensorineural in nature—and this is a chronic condition. Sensorineural hearing loss is not medically treatable and requires management to allow a person to continue to maintain their standard quality of life.

Viewing sensorineural hearing loss as a chronic condition is a key component to understanding the value of continuing audiology services, including “aural rehabilitation” classes. The specific aim of aural rehabilitation is to give a person with hearing loss the tools to self-manage their condition. Chronic conditions are often fluid in nature, changing as the condition changes, or even as the person’s life circumstances change. Continuing audiology follow-up strives to allow a person to maintain a certain level of communication and quality of life, regardless of how other factors may be changing.


ACNA is happy to announce that the clinic will be offering free aural rehabilitation classes to patients and their family members. These short sessions will focus on various topics relevant to those living with hearing loss and hearing aids. 

December’s learning sessions will explore the following questions:

1)       How do we understand speech in the presence of background noise, and

2)       When hearing in noise is challenging, what can we do about it?

Dates for December Learning Sessions:

Monday December 4th @ 2 pm
Tuesday December 5th @ 2 pm
Friday December 8th @ 10 am
Tuesday December 12th @ 10 am
Wednesday December 13th @ 2 pm
Thursday December 14th @ 10 am
Monday December 18th @ 10 am
Wednesday December 20th @10 am
Thursday December 21st @2 pm

For more information or to enroll in a session, give us a call at 780-433-4441 or email

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